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La Pirogue Hotel, Wolmar Flic en Flac, Mauritius

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The western dive sites of Mauritius include drop-offs, walls, reefs as well as wrecks, and are mostly found along the coastline of Flic en Flac. Just like its sister island, Reunion, Mauritius is born of volcanic eruptions. The flow of lava left incredible underwater seascapes. Tunnels, where lava once flowed, are now shelters for crustaceans as well as magnificent underwater discovery spots. Sites like Cathedral, found on the west part of Mauritius will leave divers in awe. It is a gigantic cave, reminiscent of a Cathedral vault, that divides the drop- off in two. The blue contrasts projected against the wall of the gigantic arch, bring a very special feel to the dives. Further south, the same drop-off gives birth to huge arches like Bamboo or l’Eveillé, where trevallys, giant moray eels and sometimes stingrays hide into the shadows. Further north, Snake reef is one of the most popular dive sites of the island for amateurs of macrophotography. It is the dwelling place of various species of scorpion fish, moray eels as well as a wide variety of critters.

Below, some of our best dives dives !

Max depth: 30 mts / Average depth 20 mts / Diving level required : Advanced

Located on the west part of the island of Mauritius, Flic en Flac, Cathedral is one of the best dive site in Mauritius.The sheer drop-offs , connecting with huge boulders, has created a unique underwater scenery with arches and caves, sheltering lobster and reef fishes. With a maximum depth of 30 meters, it is better to make this dive on Nitrox. The top of the wall is full of fish, specially when there is a bit of current.

Snake reef
Max depth: 26 mts / Average depth 25 mts / Diving level required : Advanced

Snake reef is the northern dive site of Flic en Flac, facing the coastal cliffs of Médine Sugar estate. It is mainly composed of boulders not higher than 2 meters, laying on a sandy bottom. It gives its name to its elongated reef shape, but also to the abundance of Money eels. It is the favorite of the underwater photographer who will struggle to surface. Best dived on Nitrox and without current.